Canteens and catering industry


Refrigeration for commercial kitchens

Efficient working process

In the catering sector hygiene, food safety and reliable cooling are very important. Efficient work processes, streamlined procedures and spacious options of refrigerated storage are of great importance for food preparation in canteens, industrial kitchens and catering establishments. For many tasks in the kitchen need to be carried out quickly, and the right product at the right place is vital. That is why the cooling area must be easily accessible and kept at the right temperature.

Chilling food

Especially when making large quantities of food or ready-to-eat meals, it is important to cool food quickly and re-heat it as it is served again. In doing so, various products need to be cooled at different temperatures in order to preserve their flavour and quality. Vink Refrigeration supplies high-quality custom-made cooling units for refrigerated wine or cheese, refrigerated counters, cold rooms, freezers and buffet coolers.

Ice makers

Also, ice machines and ice cube machines are commonly used in catering and professional kitchens, for example, to make gravy, soup or cold drinks. Ice water prevents bacterial growth (most bacteria grow between 10°C and 40°C) and thus is a hygienic solution to prepare products or to use it for cooling or storing.


Vink Refrigeration is a reliable partner for an all-round installation of refrigeration in industrial kitchens, commercial staff restaurants, educational institutions, nursing homes and catering establishments. Whether it is for large catering facilities with plenty of room for refrigerated counters and cold rooms, for a small company with buffet cooling or for an exclusive haute cuisine kitchen, Vink can supply all necessary refrigeration products.