Fishing and fish processing


Cooling and deep-freezing of fresh fish

Cold storage of fresh fish

Fresh fish should be well chilled. The storage temperature for fresh raw fish is between 0°C and 4°C (the temperature of melting ice). Processed fish should be preserved at a maximum temperature of 7°C.

Flake ice machines for fish

Because fish can spoil quickly, fisheries and fish shops work according to the FIFO-principle (first in=first out): the product that was the longest in the cooling should be sold first. Vink Refrigeration delivers high quality flake ice machines from well-known brands such as: Scotsman, Staff, Ziegra and Manitowoc.

Deep-freezing of fish

Frozen fish should be kept at - 18°C. Higher temperatures will cause a loss of quality. Products will dehydrate faster in the deep-freezer, that is why correct packaging is needed. A regular freezer is not suitable for freezing fish products. You need special freezing tunnels to work adequately.

Vink supplies cooling technique for fishing and fish processing

Vink Refrigeration has chillers, ice machines, cold rooms, ultra freezers and all other cooling products you may need for your fish-processing company. Many years of experience in cooling and freezing fresh products makes Vink a valuable sparring partner who is able to advise you on how to refrigerate your products.