Food production


Snack production and food processing

Rapid cooling or freezing 

Over 4,000 companies are active in the Dutch food and beverage industry. Rapid cooling and freezing is often required during the production processes of snacks and foods. In many cases, food must be cooled down to below 7°C immediately after preparation. This can be done by means of an ultrafast chiller or freezer with a lot of cold turbulence.

Hygiene and HACCP requirements

Producers are bound to strict hygiene requirements according to the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). For example, about the temperature at which temperature a product should be stored. The Food Safety Authority checks regularly if a manufacturer abides by the rules for food safety and hygiene. Reliable refrigeration is important to fulfil these HACCP requirements. Vink understands the need for high hygiene standards and for a reliable cooling system.

Temperature control in the production area

Professional refrigeration and cooling systems can be adjusted by Vink Refrigeration in order to fit in into your production process. Production areas can be set up with sandwich cooling panels of Isocab. Not only this ensures good insulation, but it is also more hygienic and easy to clean.

Vink as a valuable partner

Vink Refrigeration has a lot of experience in installing coldrooms and quick freezers at food-processing companies. This makes Vink a valuable partner in finding the most efficient cooling and production options for your business. Cold rooms, chillers and freezers can be adjusted by Vink according to the specific needs of the producer so it will fit in the production process. There are many options available, such as adjustable electric doors, specific formats of the cold rooms, online alarm systems and so on.