Fruits and vegetables


Fresh produce refrigeration

Agricultural and horticultural products

The Netherlands is the third export country in the field of agricultural and horticultural products, only overtaken by the USA and France. In the fruit and vegetable sector enormous amounts of food are produced for worldwide export and for the food processing industry.

Balance between cooling and humidity

The preservation of agricultural products in a refrigerated area is an important element in the agriculture and horticulture business. The fact that your buyers expect a consistent quality of your fruits and vegetables makes the right balance between cooling and humidity of great importance. The choice of the optimal cooling installation is important, so you can confidently guarantee the high quality of your products to your customers.

Professional refrigeration

Fruit and vegetables have a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is very important that they are cooled in a professional way, so that freezer burns, dehydration and weight loss of the product can be avoided wherever possible. Vink Refrigeration has extensive experience in the application of innovative refrigeration solutions for the fruit and vegetable sector and will be pleased to advise you in finding a cooling solution that fits your product.

Custom-made cold rooms for the fruit and vegetable sector

A standard refrigeration for fruit and vegetables does not really exist, because every agricultural and horticultural company is unique. The required cooling is closely linked to the type of product that needs to be cooled. It is important to know at what temperature it should be stored and how much humidity is needed in the cold room. Vink supplies customized potato cooling, fruit refrigerators, vegetables cold stores and flowers coolers.

Energy saving

Much of the energy consumption in the fresh produce sector is spent on cooling. Vink supplies cooling installations that lead to energy savings without compromising on the quality of cooling. The refrigeration of Vink is applied to your product and needs, so that the optimal quality of your product is guaranteed.

Chilled or frozen storage

Vink provides chillers, freezers and cold rooms for refrigerated or frozen storage of fruits and vegetables for the horticulture and agriculture branche. But also blast freezers to accelerate the freezing of products and deep-freezing rooms for ultra-low freezing of products. Vink is experienced in installing fruit and vegetable coolers and delivers a high quality of the cooling systems, thus ensuring a good quality of your end product. Please contact us for more information.