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Expert in proceskoeling

Professional Refrigeration

Production processes in the industrial sector are often complex and highly specialized. That is why the use of professional refrigeration is of great importance. In many cases, customized cooling systems are needed that fit seamlessly into the existing production line, thus guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

Innovative applications

Large industrial process refrigerations require customization, accuracy and professional solutions which may not always be simple or obvious. Vink Refrigeration understands the critical elements in process cooling and has extensive experience in the application of industrial refrigeration. In the designing process Vink is always looking for innovative solutions that will save energy and support sustainability.

Experienced in industrial refrigeration

Vink Refrigeration has successfully installed many industrial process cooling systems for industrial customers. Vink likes to cooperate with the customer in searching the most efficient application for cooling or freezing options in the production process. In the process, several possibilities may be tested in our own factory to find out the most efficient solution. Because different production processes require different refrigeration solutions.

Efficiency in producing

Whether it comes to air-cooled chillers for the cooling or heating of process fluids, or to deep-freezers, ice machines or coldrooms, Vink will adjust each solution to fit your requirements so that in the end your production process will be more efficient and more sustainable.

Quality and service

Vink Refrigeration will take on any challenge, along with you. The specialists of Vink think off a solution, create a custom-made design, manufacture and install your product. Vink Refrigeration is service oriented, works efficiently and provides the best quality. Call today for an appointment.