Meat industry


Cooling and freezing of meat

Maintaining high quality 

Cooling and freezing of meat is an essential activity in the meat processing industry. Because in this way, the quality and freshness of the meat is guaranteed. After slaughter, meat is hung in a cold room to mature, or is further prepared to a final product. Afterwards the meat has to be frozen as soon as possible and kept at the right temperature so the optimal nutrition and flavour properties will remain.

Ultra-fast freezing process

The kind of freezing method is quite important. Because if the freezing process is slow, you may experience the formation of ice crystals inside the meat. This means that the water molecules are broken because of freezing it wrongly. If the meat is defrosted it will then lose its juice that will run out like water. As a result the meat will be less tender and part of the nutritional value is lost.

Food safety

Meat requires proper treatment, not only because of hygiene and food safety but also because of the high value of the product itself. To preserve the quality of meat products your cooling or deep-freezing system is playing a crucial role.

Innovative Refrigeration

Vink Refrigeration has a lot of experience in the application of innovative refrigeration solutions designed for the meat processing industry. Vink supplies cold rooms, deep-freezers and chillers and will be pleased to advise you in finding the right cooling solution. A refrigeration plant or meat freezer of Vink is reliable and will guarantees a good quality of your final product. Please contact us for more information.