Pharmacy and medical care


Stability and quality of medical refrigeration

Stable cooling

Refrigeration for the pharmaceutical sector is all about temperature control and temperature monitoring. It is of high importance that the cooling system will never fail. Medical cooling units have to be reliable and stable, that is why a continuous monitoring of temperature is necessary.

Temperature Monitoring

For the pharmaceutical sector is the storage of medicines and medical supplies such as blood and plasma of critical importance. The cooling should have very little temperature fluctuations. Therefore Vink is carefully monitoring the continuity of medical refrigeration equipment. They are equipped with a double installation, redundancy, fall back, a very good alerting system and a second alarm system. You can check online, from any location, the temperature inside the cold store is. It is also possible to get a fault alarm via email.

Laboratory Cooling

In laboratories, high demands are placed on process installations and equipment. Are you looking for a reliable partner for the technical design of your production facility or laboratory? Vink's experts will gladly assist you in finding refrigeration solutions that meet the current requirements and conditions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Medical refrigeration

For example, the legal requirements for the storage of blood products are extremely high. High accuracy and a high level of security are two requirements. Blood products may only be stored in medical refrigerators with a temperature alarm that is adjusted to maintain a temperature between 1 ° c and 8 ° c. Vink can provide specific laboratory coolers that are extra secure. Products such as plasma must be kept in a freezer at -30 ° C with a temperature alarm. For this purpose Vink provides ultralow deep-freezers with temperature monitoring.

Mortuary Cooling

In addition to cooling technology for hospitals and the healthcare sector, Vink also provides specific refrigeration for mortuaries. For this specific kind of temperature controlled areas Vink recommends the special mortuary refrigerators of the German manufacturer Viessmann. These temperature controlled rooms and morgue refrigerators offer a secure solution with regard to hygiene, high quality materials, modular construction and disinfection. There are many additional options available, please contact us for an appointment.