Logistics and Transport


Cooling for warehousing and transhipments

Specialist in refrigerated transport, handling and storage 

The transport sector is a dynamic one. Valuable loads are transported all over the world, using modern trucks with cooling systems and computerized temperature control on board. It is more important than ever to keep updated with the fast economic and technical developments in the logistics sector.

Valuable partner

Vink is aware of all the latest developments and regulations in the logistic refrigeration, and is specialized in refrigerated transport, warehousing and the transhipment of goodsd. That is what makes Vink Refrigeration a valuable partner.

Handling and refrigerated storage

Vink has extensive experience in building cold stores and refrigerated warehouses of 1,000 m2 or larger that are used as transfer stations. These advanced storages feature mechanical cooling but can also be air-cooled. Vink constructs cold stores and refrigerated warehouses that are fully customized according to the wishes of the customer and with the cooling system that fits their specific product.

Construction of cold stores and refrigerated warehouses

The possibilities for the construction of a cold store with the industrial panels of the Belgian brand Isocab are virtually endless. Whatever your cooling need might be, Vink finds a unique refrigeration solution that will fit your product and company. Vink is happy to advise you which cold storage and refrigeration technology best suits your product. Please contact us to find out the opportunities for your business.