Designing a deep-freeze warehouse

Industrial panels for building a freezehouse

Vink has extensive experience in building their own freezer unnits using industrial panels Isocab. This Belgian brand is a good alternative for Viessmann freezers. It is more economical and is particularly used for cell construction and building of freeze warehouses and deep-freezing rooms.

Isocab sandwich panels

The Isocab IND isolated sandwich panel is a panel on the basis of PUR or PIR which is produced on a continuous line. Due to its specially designed tongue and groove joint this panel ideal for use in projects where temperature control and hygiene are extremely important. The panel is both through and outside invisibly (by foamed omega profiles). The Isocab IND panel provides excellent thermal performance for different applications.

Constructing your own freezehoues?

Would you like to construct a freezing room or refrigerated warehouse using Isocab cooling panels? Please contact Vink for an offer without engagements.