Viessman Deep-Freezing/Cold Rooms


Combination of deep-freeze and refrigeration units

Top quality freezer with fridge

The deep-freezer and chiller combination of Viessmann has the same high quality that you may expect from Viessmann. The cold storage consists of one large room containing two cold compartments with two different cooling installations and two doors or more . The Viessmann freezing and cooling can be ordered in many different sizes: click here for measurements or fill out the contact form on this page.

High insulation values

Viessman is by far the best brand in refrigeration. Not only because the refrigerating products of Viessmann show solid German quality, but also the finishing touch is beautiful with a hygienic stainless steel floor, an antimicrobial coating on the inside and outside, high insulation values and a virtually seamless finish. The refrigerators of Viessmann are reliable and solid, the doors close properly and the design is excellent. In other words: a top-class product.

Competitive prices

Many people know about the quality of Viessmann, but it also has the reputation of being an expensive product. However, through many years of close cooperation with the factory in Germany Vink is able to this excellent product for competitive prices. Viessman is available in various sizes and with many different options. Vink will be pleased to advise you in finding the best cooling solution for your product.
Check here for a list of common sizes for freezers and cold rooms. Of course, other dimensions and combinations are also available.

Benefits of the VIESSMANN cold rooms:

  • Supplied with heat-insulated STAINLESS STEEL floor! (in case of storage with floor)
  • Module size of 10 cm possible (other manufacturers often work with panel sizes that can only be increased by 30 cm). This will help you to make the cold store fit exactly so it is in line with your needs and the layout of your business. 
  • Possibility to supply angled pieces and corners for the storage room. If for example, a column is in the way, then the cold store can be modified by constructing it around that column. 
  • A unique system of overlapping the panels, so that the panels can be connected seamlessly to each other. 
  • The WL100 special refrigerator comes with rounded corners and an upright, rounded corner on the floor. 
  • The panels are covered with high-quality white powder coating and a antimicrobial SilverProtect coating top layer. 
  • Most coldrooms have a built-in light switch, a system to equalize the pressure and measure the temperature. 
  • By applying a magnetic rubber and self-closing hinges you do not need to close the door when used regularly so you can walk in and out easier
  • Standard equipped with very solid cam locks.
  • Many options available, like stainless steel wall finish, windows in doors, glass walls, alternative heights, different doors, air curtains etc.


Vink provides each cold store with a cooling installation that is designed and prepared in their own factory. Based on 30 years of experience in refrigeration and freezing only the best products are selected in order to construct a highly reliable cooling system. Of course, sustainability and energy saving are of paramount importance and define why different components are selected. Vink uses components and spare parts of well-known brands, such as: Bitzer, DWM Copeland, L'Unite hermetique, Electrolux, ACC, Eco, Helpman, Freddomatic, Kuba, Kobol and Dixell.


Doors are available in various widths and heights. Many options are possible, such as rotating or sliding doors, electrical doors and doors that close automatically.


In their own factory Vink produces custom-made stainless steel shelves. They look beautiful, and are strong and hygienic. Of course, also shelves made of aluminum or plastic can be supplied.