Ice bunkers and automatic ice storage

van dijck silo en ijsmachine

Many systems possible for ice storage

Ice bunkers

After production ice can be temporarily stored in ice bunkers. Vink supplies all kinds of ice storage systems from simple insulated containers from which the ice is shoveled manually to advanced ice silo's with automatic dosage. Vink provides professional advice on which ice bunker and what capacity best suits your product.

Business applications 

Vink provides small and medium-sized ice bunkers of Gene Glace and Follett with a capacity of 140 to 1400 pounds, where the ice is being scooped out by hand. These ice bunkers are particularly suitable for SMEs, such as restaurants, canteens, health resorts and fish shops.

Industrial production

Vink also provides customized ice silo's for industrial production processes that need ice storage or the adding of ice to the product. There are capacities from 2,000 pounds to 60 tons and more. The inside of the silo is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing the quality and freshness of the ice. A start command is sufficient for these silos to unload the ice automatically.

Vink can also deliver ice dosing systems in the form of screw conveyors which transport the ice from the ice silo adding it to the product. Or via a pneumatic solution, blowing the ice over a large distance from the silo to the place where the customer wants to use it. Vink designs these solutions in their own factory.

First in = First out 

Storing ice in ice bunkers is quite complex. By the pressure of its own weight, the ice can stick together which makes it difficult to get the ice out of the bunker. In many cases, the ice must be manually taken out, but when large amounts are needed we provide also automatic systems. There are simple bunkers available based on the LIFO principle (last in= first out) to advanced SG dosage options with bunkers based on the FIFO principle (first in= first out) to bunkers where the ice automatically falls out. Vink also makes systems so that the ice is added to the final dose.

Please contact us for more information about the possibilities for ice storage.


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