Commercial cooling


All-round refrigeration company

Specialist in commercial cooling 

Vink Koeltechniek provides personal advice and delivers high quality coldrooms and refrigeration equipment from large enterprises to small companies. Vink is an all-round business specializing for over 30 years in cooling equipment and refrigerating systems. These long years of experience make Vink the specialist for buying customized coldrooms, walk-in-freezers, flake ice machines, air conditioning and refrigerated cabinets. Whether it is about chilling cabinets, refrigerated banks or wine coolers, Vink Refrigeration will always find a fitting solution for each situation by making custom-made refrigeration.

High quality cooling

Customer focus, product knowledge and personal advice are central to the professionals at Vink Koeltechniek. Based on thorough product knowledge and technical experience Vink can advise which cooling system fits best with your business. In doing so, Vink is always looking for sustainable and energy efficient solutions. Commercial cooling products from Vink will guarantee the highest possible quality of your end product.

Expertise in cooling and freezing

To determine which refrigeration suits your company, several factors are of interest. Through many years of experience and expertise, Vink understands the needs of the customer. Together with the customer Vink will investigate all options in order to find the best solution for cooling and freezing for your product. Please, feel free to contact Vink Koeltechniek for more information.