Deep-freezers and blast chillers

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Maintaining high quality by flash freezing

Fast freezing

Vink Koeltechniek has years of experience in advising which freezing technique fits best with a product that needs cooling. Vink looks at the speed of freezing, but also at energy-efficient solutions. Vink helps you to develop the highest possible quality of your final product.

Maintaining the quality of your product

When freezing fresh products, there always is a risk that the water molecules will break because of the wrong freezing method. If the cell membrane of the molecule is broken, ice crystals will be created inside the product. If during thawing of the product much moisture is released, it is a sign that the water molecule indeed has broken and this means deterioration of your product. This effect can be prevented by blast freezing. This preserves the quality of your product.

Cooling assortment of Vink

Vink has a wide range of products for fast freezing and flash cooling. Refrigeration solutions can be custom made by Vink. Please, ask us for the possibilities.


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