Freezing equipment


Reliable and durable

In-house designed freezing equipment

The heart of the deep-freezing room is the actual freezing installation itself, which is custom-made by Vink Koeltechniek. Vink designs each freezing installation in-house, based on the specific requirements of the customer. Many factors play a role: what product should be freezed, how much mass at what temperature should be refrigerated, how long will the product stay in the freezer, how intensive is the freezing area used, and so on.

Modern techniques

Through careful selection of the different freezer components, the high quality and durability of the freezing installation is guaranteed. By using modern techniques it is possible to apply heat recovery and energy saving solutions. Vink is well aware of the latest developments in the field of refrigeration and freezing technology and can advise you on the best use of deep-freezing for your product. The installers of Vink are certified and trained in the application of the correct refrigerant, which ensures a sustainable and reliable installation, both now and in the future.

Energy-efficient freezing equipment

Vink Koeltechniek has years of experience in advising what freezing equipment will best fit a product. By doing so, Vink looks at the speed of freezing, but also at energy-efficient solutions. We help you to develop the highest possible quality of your final product.