LED lighting


More economical in consumption

Lower energy costs

When designing a cooling installation Vink is always looking for technical solutions to reduce energy consumption - in order to keep the costs as low as possible. An easy way to save money is installing LED lighting in your cooling system.

A more sustainable cold store

By choosing LED lighting instead of traditional fluorescent lighting, your refrigerator will get more sustainable in four ways: 

• LED lighting gives off less heat than fluorescent lighting.
• LED lighting consumes less power
• The average lifespan is 10 times longer than fluorescent lighting.
• The current fluorescent tubes belong to chemical waste, while LED bulbs are 100% recyclable.

Less thermal radiation

The heat emission from LED lighting is significantly less than from fluorescent lighting: the waste heat has to be dissipated by the cooling system which takes energy. So the less heat output, the less energy consumption by the cooling equipment. In this way you can save about  € 60,-per year by using a LED tube in a cold store (per double armature).

LED lighting for cold rooms

There are many different LED products on the market and it is important to know which fixture and luminaire are suitable for a walk in fridge. A survey among customers of Vink showed that they are afraid that the light output of LED lighting would be significantly less than regular fluorescent lights because the light output in lumens is lower.


To advise its customers properly, Vink therefore has done some research by doing a number of tests. To get a good insight, different types of fixtures and different types of tubes were connected in the same cold room. Then the light intensity was measured with a lux meter in the workplace. 

Better light value 

The outcome of the study was surprising: Because the light that is coming from a LED tube is only radiating downwards and not around (as with a traditional fluorescent tube) the light value  was even better than that of a fluorescent tube. So with an ordinary fluorescent tube a lot of light is lost. Replacing conventional fluorescent lighting by LED lighting gives in the beginning already 5 to 10 percent more light output in the working place. And because the LED tube deteriorates slower than the fluorescent tube, this difference in light output will only be more as time passes.

More advice?

Please contact us for more advice on the LED lighting in your cold store.