'With the help of Vink we were able to switch to eco-friendly refrigerants.'


Kalshoven: Specialist in traditional meat products
Kalshoven Specialties produces traditional meat products for wholesale butchers and for the catering industry. This family business started off as butchery. But now, three generations later, it has grown into a production company with a high value for quality and service. Once you enter the building, you can't help but notice the enthusiastic atmosphere and the passion for the products they make.


Dirk Kalshoven sr.: ‘In 2009 we needed to renovate our building in order to keep up with the growth of our production. We have renewed our entire cooling installation and Vink has installed large cold rooms and freeze rooms. Some of the other production space we have also furnished with cooling panels because of the hygiene value. The routing in our building has improved and our production has expanded because of the renovation. We have become far more efficient. I used to do everything myself, but now the guys from our team are able to conduct the process.

In-house freezing
‘Our meat products must be chilled or frozen after preparation and then be stored in a cold room. We used to let another company freeze our food, but now we have our own deep-freezing rooms installed by Vink. Now we can work more efficiently with fewer costs. We have a blast freezer of -30⁰C which we use to freeze our spareribs. We also have a chiller of 0⁰C. In this blast chiller we cool freshly prepared products in one and a half hours back from 60⁰C to 2⁰C. Because we do food preparation, we are bound to strict hygiene requirements according to the HACCP system. The inspection department regularly monitors us and we pride ourselves on our good results. That is why it is important for us to maintain our high quality.

Innovative solution
‘The cooperation with Vink is pleasant because of their flexibility and thinking together with you to find the right solution. When we discovered that our building was too small to fit our cooling installation, Vink came with an excellent idea. Vink suggested that we extended the building with an annex of cooling panels for the cooling engines and the condenser. That was the perfect solution for us. We have a pleasant cooperation with Vink; they are straightforward and there are no complicated situations.'

Sustainable entrepreneurship 
‘Sustainability and innovative entrepreneurship is quite an item these days. We are involved in D.O.N., an initiative of entrepreneurs in Nieuwkoop to do business that preserves the environment. Our company is close to a beautiful piece of nature, called ‘De Nieuwkoopse Plassen'. Because of this, our emission of CO2 has to be limited. That is why in 2009 Vink has helped us to switch to eco-friendly refrigerants. With the help of Vink Koeltechniek we were able to make this transition in 2009 and we have never gone back. We are now discussing with Vink the possibilities for heat recovery, for example by heating our boilers with waste heat from our cooling system. Another plan is to replace all fluorescent lights with LED lights, which emits less heat.

Alarm system in case of failure
‘Vink's quality is perfectly fine and their price-quality ratio is realistic. Also, their customer service is pleasant. For example, if there is system failure in the refrigeration, I get notified because there is an alarm system in the cooling installation. Vink is able to log into our system and so try to solve the problem from a distance. This is fast and efficient and obviously makes a difference in the costs. I can also log in at home on my laptop to get an overview of the temperatures in the different rooms in the factory and modify those if needed. This is very efficient.'



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