‘Vink is well aware of the latest developments in refrigeration and has competitive prices.'


‘Combinatie Teijssen v.d. Hengel BV (Vion-C.T.H.) is one of the largest processers of bowel packages in the world. Their core business is the processing of bowels for the production of all kind of sausages. CTH has 1500 employees worldwide and has branches on every continent. And they keep on growing; they recently opened a new settlement in Brazil. We are visiting Hans Berkelder, manager of Quality, Environment and Organisation at CTH Boxtel. An enthusiastic manager who aims for quality every day and who tells with passion about his product:

Inventive refrigeration solutions that will last
‘Our core business is the thin skin around sausages. For example, we produce the skin that covers the famous Dutch HEMA smoked sausages, but also chorizo sausages in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Every single day we strive for quality that is pleasing to our worldwide customers. We have been customers of Vink for many years. Vink is well aware of the latest developments in the refrigeration branch and he has competitive prices. . For me it is also important to have a sparring partner with whom I can exchange knowledge. In the long run this will bring a win-win situation that will enable me to do business in a more sustainable and profitable way.'

Preserving products
‘Every single day we slaughter 13.500 pigs in our branch here in Boxtel. That equals 100 trucks a day. We have to handle 1300 bowel packages per hour with 45 employees. The different parts are used for the production of food production, animal feed and in the pharmaceutical industry. For us it is important that we preserve our products as soon as possible. Vink Koeltechniek is a great partner in this process since Vink is specialized in making things cold, preserving it by cooling it with water of ice for example.'

Pancreas flash freezer
‘One of our products is the pancreas. The pharmaceutical industry is winning natural insulin or pancreatin out of the pancreas. The insulin in the pancreas breaks down rapidly, it has to be frozen within 20 minutes to preserve the quality of the insulin. Because of this, Vink has made a special freezer for the pancreas. The freezer consists of small spaces with a lot of turbulence. For the production process, we put the pancreas in small bowls of soft pvc material. Vink has customized the cold room with small spaces so that we can freeze these bowls rapidly to -18⁰C under high turbulence. In this way Vink is helping us to develop a higher quality of our products.'

‘During the freezing process we have to open the doors on a regular basis to place new bowls in the cold room. We used to lose a great amount of energy by doing so. Knowing that most of the cold air escaped through the bottom, we searched for a solution together. We ended up placing plastic aprons at the bottom of the door to keep the cold air from leaving the coldroom. This is typically how Vink works: they don't aim for average solutions, but they go the extra mile to meet your need.'

Saving energy
‘Our newest freezing installation is entirely customized and made energy efficient by Vink. The doors of the new cold room close automatically for example. And the ventilators stop the moment you open a door. If a door is open for longer than a minute, the computer informs us that it will also shut down the compressor. In this way we can save a large amount of energy. That is the great thing about Vink: they are good at refrigerating, but they also know what spare parts are available on the market and they understand the latest developments.'

‘Vink is a partner that thinks with you. Because of a mutual motivation to develop, we wanted to cooperate. We often brainstorm together about making client-specific products. We aim to make the impossible possible. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't. By doing this, we thought of a technique to chill pig stomachs, a system that isn't on the market yet. The stomachs can be used for animal food or even exported to China where they are considered a delicacy. To achieve the last option, we search for the best cooling technique to freeze and transport pig products.

Corporate social responsibility
CTH is a sustainable family company: We are careful with energy, but also careful with our personnel. Me make sure they have sufficient protection, enough breaks and rotate regularly so that the muscular pressure is spread. We train our employees because we like to keep them. The percentage of absence through illness is normally 6-8% in the meat producing sector. In our company the percentage is below 2%, of which we are proud. Originally, we are a family business. Because of that we are more involved with our employees, we're doing this as one team. And that is the same feeling that we have in our cooperation with Vink.' 


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