Restaurant Fred, Rotterdam: Exclusive restaurant for everyone who values quality.


Michelin starred restaurant
Fred Mustert, chef and owner of Michelin starred Restaurant Fred, has made his mark in the Dutch gastronomy. He has been a phenomenal cook for 20 years and seems to have a habit of earning Michelin Stars wherever he goes. He started his career working at Restaurant Zwetheul in Schipluiden and continued his passion working at Restaurant La Vilette in Rotterdam. Recently he has opened Restaurant Fred in Rotterdam and the new restaurant has blossomed in many ways: Restaurant Fred has been voted the most beautiful restaurant of The Netherlands, having both the most beautiful toilet and the best wine menu of the Netherlands. And all that is for good reason: this exclusive restaurant is all about class and quality. Fred Mustert is a satisfied customer of Vink Koeltechniek and explains why.

A Matter of Trust
‘For the last twenty years I've been a customer at Vink's for refrigeration. For me it is a matter of trust: due to our long lasting relationship I know that Vink understands how important it is for me to continue my work. Both our climate control and cooling systems in the kitchen are installed by Vink. Vink also provides the maintenance of the equipment. We have to work super efficient in our kitchen and therefore we need to know that our cooling system is reliable and will work properly at all times. All of our products are fresh and of high quality, think about the fresh truffles in the refrigerator. Vink understands that we would have a really big problem if the refrigeration would fail. Whenever a problem does show up, Vink makes it a priority to solve it. Nothing is impossible at Vink's.'

Customized cheese cart
‘The specialty of Vink is delivering custom-made products. This antique cheese table for exadates back to 1800. Wheels have been attached to the bottom so that we can drive the cheese cart to the tables of the guests. We buy all our cheeses directly in France. They are matured cheeses and have quite a strong smell. Besides this, the cheeses need to be stored at a temperature of 10-12⁰C. Vink thought of a great way to keep our cheese fresh in the cheese cart. They built a cooling unit around the antique cart containing a deodorising system to keep the restaurant free from smelling odours. This is a great example of one of the main strengths of Vink: They don't offer standard solutions, but are flexible and well experienced in providing custom-made cooling products. Even when a product is out of stock, they will go that extra mile and make it especially for you. A cheese cooling system like ours is rather small and detailed, but even that they can make with great excellence.

Quality in refrigeration is important
‘For a star restaurant it is important to use solid material and high-quality products. I don't want to buy cheap stuff with stainless-steel doors that do not close well. I have large refrigerated wine cabinets, a cold room, cooled kitchen counters, air-conditioning, freezers, ice machines, cheese refrigeration and buffet cooling units. For cooling solutions I have always chosen for Vink, because everything must be high quality and Vink supplies solid material of good quality.'

Air conditioning
‘Ventilation and air conditioning always seem to be a big problem in restaurants. I don't know of any restaurant that is free from troubles in this area. You don't want your guest to be bothered by the smells from the kitchen. There has to be a balance between the ventilation system in the kitchen and the supplement of fresh air in het restaurant, but without having low pressure in your restaurant. This requires great precision. I don't know why, it may be the quality of Vink, but I've never had any problems. It's all about knowing what air does and how to manage it. At Vink, they understand this quite well.'


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