Cooling and freezing


Customized cooling solutions

Refrigeration specialist

Vink is specialized in cooling equipment and refrigerating systems for over 30 years. These long years of experience make Vink the right company for buying customized cold rooms, freezers, flake ice machines, air conditioning and refrigerated cabinets. Vink offers industrial cooling solutions, as well as agricultural and commercial cooling systems.

Customer service

Friendly customer service, technical knowledge and personal advice are key for the success of Vink Koeltechniek. Every product is unique and every company has different requirements for finding the right cooling system. The specialists at Vink are experienced in finding the best cooling solutions for their customers.

Refrigeration that suits you

To determine what refrigeration system best suits your product, several factors are of interest such as: at what temperature the product should be stored, how intensively the fridge will be used, what is the temperature of the room where the fridge is placed, et cetera. Based on many years of experience and expertise, Vink understands the needs of the customer. Together with the customer Vink will investigate all options in order to find the best solution for cooling and freezing. Please, feel free to contact Vink Koeltechniek for more information.

The solution

High quality 
Vink Koeltechniek provides personal advice and delivers high quality coldrooms and refrigeration equipment.



Ensuring the right temperature in the cold store at all times is crucial for the quality of your product. This is the starting point for Vink.



The specialists of Vink Refrigeration have thorough knowledge and experience to advise which cooling installation is best for your product. Vink makes customized cooling solutions.