Cooling, freezing and heating

Vink Koeltechniek supplies energy-efficient cooling installations with heat recovery, heat pumps, freezing installations and customized cooling solutions.

Vink ​​cooling, freezing and heating

Vink provides custom-made refrigeration and energy-efficient and innovative cooling solutions. The specialists at Vink Koeltechniek have in-house knowledge and experience to advise which cooling-freezing installation is best for your product. By reusing heat or by installing a heat pump, an industrial space can be heated in an energy-efficient way.

Efficient cold stores and freezers

Every market requires its own approach to cooling and freezing. Vink Koeltechniek has a lot of experience in installing cold rooms and blast freezers for the food processing industry. This broad experience makes Vink a valuable partner in finding the most efficient way of cooling, freezing and heating for your company.

Heat pump ad sustainable alternative

A heat pump system extracts heat from the environment (outside air, ventilation air, soil or groundwater) and converts this into usable heat for heating a house, for example. A heat pump is increasingly mentioned as a sustainable alternative for a central heating boiler. Vink Koeltechniek specializes in installing energy-efficient heat pumps with sustainable refrigerants.

Heat recovery system

Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of waste heat arising from any process that would otherwise be lost. The energy which is thus extracted from the cooling system can be re-used for other purposes, such as heating an office building, pool or water heater. In this way the cooling installation is used efficiently, resulting in a lower energy bill. Vink has a lot of experience with custom-made cooling installations whereby the residual heat is reused and energy is saved.

Customized coldrooms, chillers and freezing rooms

Vink makes customized cooling solutions. Cold rooms, chillers and freezers can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the client. There are many options available, such as adjustable electric doors, specific formats of the cold rooms, online alarm systems and so on.

Vink Cooling and Freezing

Friendly customer service, technical knowledge and personal advice are key for the success of Vink Koeltechniek. Every product is unique and every company has different requirements for finding the right cooling system. The specialists at Vink are experienced in finding the best cooling solutions for their customers.

Unique refrigeration solutions Needing a heat pump or cooling installation?

Are you looking for customized refrigeration or would you like to know more about heat recovery systems? Whatever your need in refrigeration, Vink focuses on finding a unique refrigeration solution that fits your product.