Customized cooling systems

Maatwerk koelvitrine glas

customer-oriented approach

Unique refrigeration

Each company is unique and has specific needs in relation to freezing or chilling his product. That is the reason why eighty percent of the refrigeration technology that Vink supplies is customized and specificly designed to meet the requirements of the customer. Vink is focused on finding unique refrigeration solutions that will benefit the production process of the customer.


Vink Koeltechniek listens attentively to the wishes of the customer. Vink does not offer standard solutions, but is flexible and innovative in finding the right cooling system. Based on their product knowledge and the possiblity to do extensive research in heir factory, Vink is able to test a cooling installation and make adjustments where necessary. In this way, the most reliable and efficient solution is offered to the customer.


Vink provides independent advice, thinks outside the box and provides customized solutions to the customer. During the designing process different questions will come to the surface, like: is it possible to use another cooling technique instead of the usual one? How can the cooling installation work more efficiently? Is it an option to use a heat recovery system? How to use natural refrigerants that are better for the environment?

Based on their extensive knowledge and experience in the refrigeration sector Vink can then show you different possibilities and advise you on a sustainable and cost-efficient installation. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Click here and we will contact you as soon as possible.


The solution


During a first introduction the customer's cooling requirements will be investigated. In a no-nonsense way Vink will then combine practical experience with technical knowledge in order to find the most suitable cooling solution for the product. Together with the customer the best result will be realized.

Offer without engagement

Vink Koeltechniek has years of experience in industrial refrigeration and will design an installation that integrates smoothly in your production line. Capacity, quality, energy efficiency and sustainability are essential principles for the cooling system. Please feel free to contact us for a written offer without engagement

Custom-made refrigeration

Vink provides reliable refrigeration technology, using only high quality parts and products.
Customer service and an optional maintenance contract ensure a content purchaser and a solid working cold store.