Off-grid cooling and freezing

The green cooling solution

Vink Koeltechniek offers portable, walk-in cold rooms that run exclusively on solar energy. This reliable system is especially fit for remote locations, disaster stricken areas and regions without a steady power grid.

Solar-powered cold rooms

Vink’s mobile coldrooms on solar power have high insulation values and are manufactured according to European standards. The solar panels are connected with a system that stores extra solar energy for the night times. This smart cooling solution is eco-friendly, has no running costs and requires low maintenance.

Technical information off-grid cold room

Measurements: A 40 feet or 20 feet shipping container with solar panels on top. Choice between cooling (0,5 / 5 ˚C) or freezing capacities (-24 /-18˚C). Products stay 24/7 cool or frozen, because of an ingenious thermal energy storage system.

Solar storage reduces food waste

The worldwide challenge of food waste is high, and even more so in developing countries where a large amount of the local harvest is wasted due to high temperatures, bad infrastructure and a lack of cold storage. In areas lacking a reliable energy grid, solar-powered refrigeration systems can make all the difference.


Critical vaccines and medicines can be well stored at a controlled temperature in a mobile solar-powered cold room, especially in disaster areas or in remote locations without a reliable power grid.

Fish and meat

Keeping fresh fish well chilled in professional mobile cold rooms is vital in in order to avoid contamination and bacterial growth. The storage temperature for fresh raw fish is between 0°C and 4°C. Food safety requires special attention in the case of storing meat. In Vink’s mobile cold rooms meat products are kept at a constant cool temperature. Frozen meat stays frozen 24/7 in a solar powered freezer.

Vegetables and fruit

in warm climates the waste of food can be excessive. Solar powered cold rooms are enabling local farmer associations to extend the freshness of their produce before selling it at the local market.

Off-grid cooling and freezing Like to know more about solar cold rooms?

Vink Koeltechniek is experienced in designing off-grid cooling units and has various success stories in remote areas worldwide. We are happy to provide you with more information in a personal conversation.