Turnkey solutions


Overall approach

The total Solution

Are you planning to construct a new building or do you want to expand or adapt your existing business premises? Vink company is able to offer you a satisfying total solution by overseeing the entire building process for you. In this way you will safe time and money.

Efficient installation

Vink is experienced in providing turnkey solutions. Due to this overall approach, the cost for the (new) construction will be minimized. You will save on operating costs because the various technical installations will connect perfectly together. This will help you to produce as efficiently as possible, for example by using a heat recovery system and environmentally safe refrigerants that will ensure energy savings.

Innovative solutions

Vink works closely together with various specialists and installers in order to reach the best result. They willl use innovative solutions when possible. In the case of using environmentally friendly solutions for refrigeration and heat recovery, it can also be considered whether the project is eligible for funding.

Optimal results

Vink focuses on energy efficiency and innovation, providing an optimal balance in the overall design. By giving the entire project to Vink you are released from all pressure to organize. At the same time there will be more coordination among the specialists in order to let the different technical systems smoothly cooperate. This will result in an optimum performance at minimal costs. Please contact Vink for more information about the turnkey possibilities for your company.

The solution

Total coordination

Through many years of working with contractors, installers, floor specialists and other professionals, Vink is able to finish a complete renovation or building project for you. If you have existing relationships that you prefer to use, Vink can also cooperate with them instead of the usual parties that we work with. Whether it is a complete new construction or a renovation project of your current company building, you have find yourself a solid partner in Vink. Vink takes full responsibility for the implementation of the whole project, working together with professional contractors and subcontractors. Vink will monitor the planning and quality, bringing it to completion. By using Vink's technical knowledge and professional experience in this branche, the final result will be according to your expectations.

During a preliminary discussion Vink would like to brainstorm together about your construction or renovation plans to find the best possibility of using a cost-effficient cooling installations. Please feel free to contact us for more information.