CO2 cooling solution

The climate is changing and, according to the UN IPCC Environmental Report 2021, the temperature is rising even faster than expected. This is partly due to the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, and our sector has an unavoidable share in this. One kilo of refrigerant R404a emits 4000 kg of CO2. Unfortunately, we regularly experience leaks from installations containing more than 50 kilos. For this reason, the government has greatly tightened the laws and regulations on the use of HFKs in recent years.

CO2 cooling solution

At Vink Koeltechniek, we believe it is important to take responsibility and to lead the way in our sector. We have now completely stopped using R404 and are fully committed to sustainable refrigeration technology, which is harmless to the environment. This includes CO2 (R744) cooling solutions, but also refrigeration systems with Propane (R290) or Ammonia (Nh3).

Properties of CO2 cooling solutions

The refrigerant CO2 is attracting a lot of attention at the moment. This is because there is currently no legislation limiting or regulating the use of CO2. Also, unlike many other natural refrigerants, this refrigerant is not harmful to the environment and is not flammable, toxic and/or explosive. So when a fire occurs within a company, CO2 does not cause an increased risk to the environment. The amount of energy required to produce CO2 is also considerably lower than for chemical refrigerants. CO2 refrigeration systems are more energy-efficient and cost-saving in the long term.

Thanks to the high temperatures at the high pressure side of the CO2 compression cycle, it is possible to recover heat at much higher temperatures than was previously possible with synthetic refrigerants. This is especially interesting when you need heat in addition to cooling. A CO2 refrigeration installation has a good efficiency as a refrigerant, but also offers the possibility of heat recovery. For this reason, a CO2 refrigeration system can be an ecologically-, energetically- and economically-friendly solution.

Apart from the fact that a CO2 cooling solution helps to combat climate change and global warming, it is also financially a more attractive option. Although an installation with natural refrigerants initially requires a slightly larger investment, this will quickly pay off in lower energy costs, lower costs in the event of breakdowns and a contribution to the greening of your business. In addition, the prices of chemical refrigerants are expected to rise, due to current legislation and availability, and the government stimulates environmentally friendly developments through various subsidy options for our installations. Enough reason for your company to switch to sustainable refrigeration technology!

Service Vink Koeltechniek

Are you looking for a CO2 refrigeration system or another natural cooling solution? Then you have come to the right place at Vink Koeltechniek. In recent years, we have gained a great amount of experience in building CO2 cooling solutions and refrigeration systems with other natural refrigerants, and with this knowledge, we will gladly advise you. We design a customised solution, implement it in your business premises and carry out maintenance when required. Vink Koeltechniek has been specialised in the construction of refrigeration systems for over 40 years, regardless of whether it is for industrial, agricultural or commercial use. We always offer our customers the best fitting advice and innovative customisation in any sector.

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