Sustainable cooling

The earth's temperature is rising even faster than expected and this is partly due to greenhouse gases such as CO2. The refrigeration industry has an unmistakable share in this. The refrigerant R404a is widely used in cooling installations. One kilo of R404a emits 4000 kg of CO2, and unfortunately, we regularly come across leaks from installations containing more than 50 kilos. Time for the next step: sustainable cooling!

Sustainable cooling

The government has therefore strongly tightened the laws and regulations on the use of HFCs in recent years. We at Vink Koeltechniek take our responsibility in this matter and consider it essential to be at the forefront of our sector when it comes to sustainable refrigeration. Five years ago, we completely switched to sustainable refrigeration instead of using R404. We believe that, as a sector, we have the solution with sustainable refrigeration. These days, we only use sustainable refrigerants in our cooling installations, such as CO2, ammonia and propane.

Sustainable cooling with Vink Koeltechniek

Do you have a technical challenge or specific problem regarding sustainable cooling? Then we would like to help you. We offer total solutions in the field of sustainable cooling, from design and engineering to installation and maintenance. We design and install industrial refrigeration systems, scale ice generators and other solutions in the field of sustainable cooling. We also install refrigeration systems in combination with solar panels, or heat recovery units. Whether for industrial, agricultural or commercial use, Vink Koeltechniek always provides the most suitable advice for your situation in terms of sustainable cooling. We offer innovative customisation in any sector.

Quality requirements, legislation and regulations

Industrial refrigeration systems must meet high quality requirements. Efficiency and sustainability are important aspects in this respect. Due to the phasing out of harmful refrigerants, our sector is also forced to look for alternative solutions. Vink Koeltechniek has been working on sustainable refrigeration solutions for many years and only uses refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3), CO2 and propane (R290), all of which are environmentally-friendly alternatives to chemical refrigerants and enable us to switch to sustainable refrigeration.

Service Vink Koeltechniek

As an organization, do you want to switch to sustainable cooling? Then you have come to the right place at Vink Koeltechniek. We would be happy to visit you and give you customized advice. We will take your requirements, wishes and environment into consideration. Vink Koeltechniek has specialized in the construction of refrigeration systems for over 40 years, regardless of whether it is for industrial, agricultural or commercial use. We always offer the best fitting advice and innovative customization in any sector.

Do you want to save energy with sustainable cooling? Then contact us for a no-obligation consultation.