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Specialist in refrigeration

Vink Koeltechniek is specialized in innovative and sustainble cooling solutions. Vink Refrigeration is a customer oriented company who likes to serve her customers as much as possible in the field of innovative cooling technology and ice making. All possible refrigeration technology can be supplied by Vink, whether for industrial, agricultural or commercial use.


How we operate

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Engineering & Advice

Vink Koeltechniek offers independent advice, thinks outside of the box and provides well-designed customized solutions to the customer. Because of their technical knowledge and practical experience, Vink's engineers are capable to respond quickly to the customer's needs.

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Construction Projects

Vink Koeltechniek is a reliable subcontracter for construction projects and turnkey operations. Vink is a reliable partner to contractors, kitchen fitters and electrical installers who are dealing with larger projects that also need refrigeration.

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Service & Maintenance

Vink Refrigeration is a customer oriented company that likes to serve her customers with sustainable and cost-effectivein cooling technology and ice making. After installing the refrigeration, Vink is happy to assist with maintenance and advice whenever needed.

Our working method

This is how we fix it

If something does go wrong, we are there to get you back up and running again as quickly as possible. You won’t talk to some anonymous customer service representative, but directly to the professional who is going to fix your problem.

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Vink Koeltechniek works on solutions that let you do what you do best. Which means you don't have to think about it every day. That’s what we do best. To take care of every detail until you are happy. That’s what keeps us going.

Vink Koeltechniek
The working solution

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