We are Vink Koeltechniek. With passionate professionals, we make sure that we always have the best solution in store for our customers. And with our excellent service, we are literally available for our customers 24/7. Do you also want to be part of our amazing team? Please take a look at our vacancies.

Get to know our team

Jorie Technician

Jorie is our expert in industrial automation. He is involved in drawing and designing the technical side of our installations, such as our control cabinets. Jorie likes to alternate between drawing and building our skits. In his spare time he likes to tour the Netherlands with his Puch.

Erwin Technician

Erwin ensures that every refrigeration project runs smoothly. He quickly sees what needs to be done and knows how to tackle the problem. With his portion of humor he creates a pleasant working atmosphere in every environment. In his spare time he beats (almost) everyone with playing darts.

Nico Technician

Nico is enjoys working on our most complex challenges. Nico has deployed his expertise all over the world, but he really is at his best working for Vink Koeltechniek. Nico likes to draw out his ideas in 3D and then build them himself. In his spare time he can be found in the Biesbosch.

Marco Project Manager

Marco has a lot of experience in refrigeration technology, and he likes to use this expertise in his role as project leader. Marco can be found both at the office and at our projects. He always keeps an overview and ensures that every job is completed on time. In his spare time he likes to ride his classic motorcycles.

Maarten Office Manager

Maarten enjoys it when everything 'at the office' runs smoothly. From ordering groceries to developing a Finance dashboard, he does it all. He is our main contact point for our customers and suppliers and you can ask him everything. In his spare time, you can find him behind his drum kit.

Adriaan Owner

Adriaan is owner of Vink Koeltechniek together with Simon. No one knows our existing installations better than Adriaan does. You can find him everywhere solving malfunctions with our customers as quickly as possible. He also ensures that our customers have almost no down-time thanks to preventive maintenance. In his spare time, he likes to sail around with his boat.

Simon Owner

Simon is owner of Vink Koeltechniek together with Adriaan. You often find him in conversation with our customers. He combines his technical knowledge with his experience to provide customers with a perfect solution for their refrigeration challenges. In his spare time, you can find him in the Dutch polder riding his bike.

Willem Assembly Empoyee

Willem does not avoid any challenge. He can make anything, as long as it's made of steel. With a welding machine you make Willem really happy and he ensures that every cooling frame is built to perfection. Willem can usually be found in our workshop. In his spare time he is working in his beautiful garden.

Andrew Technician

Andrew has extensive experience in the carpentry industry and he likes to use this expertise when building our advanced cooling and freezing solutions. Andrew likes to think along with our clients and no job is too challenging for him. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family.

Jeroen Technician

Jeroen is always in a good mood. With his extensive experience in refrigeration technology, he knows how to make a success of every project. Jeroen is at its best working on large complex projects and he is always ready to help people. In his spare time Jeroen is a real barbecue expert.