Geneglace Scale Ice Generator

Vink Koeltechniek supplies industrial scale ice generators from the French top brand Geneglace. This brand is world leader in the field of ice machines. We relieve our customers of a burden by helping them choose the right ice generator for each situation, designing a custom solution and implementing it in our customer's premises.

Scale ice generator

Scale ice generators produce scale ice. Scale ice is used in large, industrial applications with daily productions of 500 kg to over 50 tons and is ideal for cooling during storage, transport and presentation. Scale ice generators produce 'dry flakes', which has a temperature of between -10°C and -5°C. Scale ice is also known as dry ice because it is frozen for 99% when it leaves the ice generator. Because scale ice consists out of almost a 100% ice, it has a greater cooling capacity than flake ice. Scale ice looks like white glass shards of about 2 mm thick.

Flake ice generator

Besides scale ice generators, there are also flake ice generators. These machines produce flake ice, which is also called "wet ice". The difference between scale ice and flake ice is that the temperature of flake ice is higher (between -1°C and 0°C) and therefore it is a lot less frozen. Because of this, a flake ice generators produces a lot more energy efficiently than a scale ice generators. However, scale ice has a better heat content due to its frozen state. Flake ice is mainly used for fresh fish, food processing and in the medical sector.

Advantages of a scale ice generator

The advantage of a scale ice generator is that it produces almost 100% frozen ice, which means that the heat content is high. Scale ice can also be stored well in a bunker and is extremely suitable for large, industrial applications with a large daily production.

Ice bunkers for SME and industrial production

After production, ice can be temporarily stored in ice bunkers. We supply all possible types of ice storage, from simple insulated bins to sophisticated ice silos with automatic ice dosing. For SMEs, we offer small and medium-sized ice bunkers from Geneglace and Follett with a capacity of 140 to 1400 kg. The ice is scooped out of these bunkers by hand. We also supply ice silos with capacities from 2.000 kg to 60 tons for industrial production processes that require ice storage and ice dosing.

Geneglace scale ice generators with natural refrigerants

Vink Koeltechniek is a distributor for commercial and industrial scale ice generators made by the French brand Geneglace. This brand is the world leader in the field of ice machines. Our ice machines operate with the chemical refrigerant R449. Many of our models are also available for use with natural refrigerants such as Ammonia (Nh3 / R717) or CO2 (R744). These refrigerants are sustainable and may therefore continue to be used in the future. This way, you can be sure that your ice generator will last for years to come.

Service Vink Koeltechniek

We help you to choose the right ice generator for your situation. We design a custom-made solution, implement it in your company premises and carry out maintenance when necessary. This is how we have been unburdening our customers for over 40 years.

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