Working method

Doing what you do best...

Vink Koeltechniek is specialized in facilitating innovative cooling and freezing technology for commercial and industrial organizations.

We love the challenge

We love the challenge to realize innovative and sustainable cooling solutions for our clients. Together with our customers, we continue to search until we have found the best fitting cooling solution.

Sustainable cooling technology

We always focus on sustainable refrigeration technology and energy-efficient installations. The chosen cooling technical solution is then customized to the customer's wish in our factory or on location.

Vink Refrigeration South Holland

The company Vink Koeltechniek South-Holland is located in Bergambacht. We have our own production space at Timmerfabriekstraat 16 where innovative cooling installations are designed and tested. While other refrigeration companies only work locally or regionally, Vink works as a refrigeration company throughout the Netherlands.

Experienced refrigerating engineers

Our engineers are experienced, have all the required papers and deliver fast service. For the past forty years, Vink has proven itself as a reliable and innovative refrigeration company.

Core Values Vink Refrigeration

Reliable, practical, innovative and flexible. These are the core values ​​of Vink Refrigeration Company. Over the past 40 years, Vink has proven its leading market position in commercial and industrial refrigeration technology.