Propane cooling solution

Climate change is a fact and the UN IPCC Environmental Report 2021 shows that the temperature is rising even faster than expected. This is largely due to CO2 emissions and emissions of other greenhouse gases, and our sector has an undeniable share in this.

Propane cooling solution

One kilo of refrigerant R404a emissions equals 4000 kg of CO2 emissions. We regularly experience leakages of installations with more than 50 kilos of R404 and this has an enormous impact on the environment. For this reason, we have completely stopped using R404 as a refrigerant for the past 5 years and focus entirely on natural cooling technology. Think about the construction of a Propane cooling solution, but also cooling solutions with CO2 (R744) or Ammonia (Nh3) as a refrigerant. At Vink Koeltechniek, we take our responsibility seriously and we strive to be a leader in this sector.

Propane cooling solution properties

Propane has similar properties as the refrigerant R22. Contrary to the Butane variant, this refrigerant is therefore suitable for cooling and freezing. A Propane refrigeration installation is also an energy-efficient refrigeration solution and has a good energy performance ratio. Ecologically, Propane has a Global Warming Impact value of 3. That is almost 1,000 times less than the legal limit for the use of synthetic refrigerants, which since 2020 are still allowed up to a GWP value of 2,500.
The natural refrigerants ammonia (Nh3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are now used in many medium-sized and large refrigeration systems. Propane is not an attractive choice for refrigerants with a capacity of more than 25 kilograms, due to the additional safety requirements of the ATEX zone. However, a Propane refrigeration system is an excellent natural solution for smaller refrigeration systems.

Apart from the environmentally friendly aspect, a Propane cooling solution differs very little from solutions with synthetic refrigerants. This ensures that the additional cost of a Propane cooling solution compared to a solution with synthetic refrigerants is minimal. Due to the lower energy costs, a Propane refrigeration installation will eventually be more advantageous. The government also stimulates these developments by providing various subsidy options for our installations. Due to the current legislation and availability of chemical refrigerants, the price is expected to continue to rise sharply and even the continuity of your business will be at risk due to scarcity. Overall, these are sufficient reasons for a company to switch to sustainable cooling technology!

Service Vink Koeltechniek

In recent years, Vink Koeltechniek has gained a lot of experience in building Propane cooling solutions and refrigeration systems with other sustainable refrigerants. We are happy to provide our customers with the best advice, design a customised solution, install it and carry out its maintenance. We have been specialised in building cooling solutions for more than 40 years, in any sector. Whether it is for industrial, commercial or agricultural use, we always offer the best fitting advice and innovative custom work.

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