Nh3 cooling solution

Due to climate change and global warming, the government is rapidly reducing the use of HFKs by imposing stricter laws and regulations on their use. An important cause of this is CO2 emissions and emissions of other greenhouse gases, in which our sector plays an unmistakable part. An emission of 1 kilo of R404a equals an emission of 4000kg of CO2 and unfortunately, we regularly encounter leakages from installations containing more than 50 kilos of R404.

Nh3 cooling solution

Enough reason to take measures and turn the tide. That is what we do at Vink Koeltechniek. We find it important to take our responsibility and to lead the way in the sector. For this reason, we stopped using the refrigerant R404 five years ago. Today, we build sustainable cooling solutions such as Ammonia (Nh3) refrigeration systems, but also refrigeration systems with CO2 (R744)and Propane (R290). All of these agents are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals and are therefore the future of refrigeration technology.

Properties of Nh3 cooling solution

Ammonia (Nh3) is one of the oldest refrigerants and has been ideal for many applications right from the start. An Nh3 cooling solution has excellent refrigeration properties. With Ammonia a refrigeration system can be built with optimal performance and low energy consumption and is therefore technically superior and energy efficient. In this way, an Nh3 cooling solution limits environmental damage. In addition, the safety risks are very acceptable due to newer and better techniques.

Besides being an environmentally friendly cooling solution, an Nh3 cooling solution is also a more attractive option financially in the long run. In the beginning, a natural cooling solution requires a slightly larger investment, but this will quickly pay off in lower energy costs, lower costs in the event of breakdowns and a contribution towards making your company greener. The government also offers various subsidy options for our Ammonia refrigeration systems in order to encourage such developments. Due to the current legislation and availability of chemical refrigerants, the price of these is expected to continue to rise and your business may be at risk due to scarcity. For these reasons, we strongly recommend switching to sustainable refrigeration technology!

Service Vink Koeltechniek

For an Ammonia refrigeration or other sustainable cooling solutions, Vink Koeltechniek is the right choice. In recent years, we have gained a great amount of knowledge and experience in the field of natural cooling solutions and the design, construction and maintenance thereof. We are happy to provide appropriate advice and design a customised solution. We realise this in your premises and carry out maintenance when necessary. We are now fully committed to sustainable refrigeration and can call ourselves specialists in the construction of Nh3 refrigeration systems and other sustainable cooling solutions. Whether for industrial, agricultural or commercial use, Vink Koeltechniek always offers the best advice and innovative customisation.

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