Industrial refrigeration

The climate is changing and is rising even faster than expected. This is partly due to CO2 emissions, and our sector has an unmistakable share in this. 1 kilo of emissions of the refrigerant R404a equals 4000 kilos of CO2.

Industrial refrigeration

At Vink Koeltechniek, we find it essential to take responsibility for this and to lead the way in our sector when it comes to sustainability within industrial refrigeration technology. We have stopped using R404 for 5 years now and in our opinion, it is time for the next step. With sustainable refrigerants, we have the solution for CO2 emissions within our sector. This is the reason that we are now fully committed to industrial refrigeration based on sustainable refrigerants such as Ammonia (NH3), CO2 (R744) and Propane (R290).

Industrial refrigerators from Vink

Not only do we install industrial refrigeration or freezer units at Vink. We are happy to help you with a specific problem or technical challenge. We design, install and maintain industrial refrigeration systems, scale ice generator and other sustainable solutions such as solar panels and heat recovery units. We offer a total solution in the field of industrial refrigeration technology. We have been specializing in innovative and sustainable customised industrial refrigeration technology for years. Sustainability, innovation and energy-saving are our main focus and we always provide the best possible advice for your situation with a sustainable mindset. We offer innovative customization in any sector.

Quality requirements and legislation and regulations for industrial refrigeration systems

Industrial refrigeration systems must meet high quality requirements in which sustainability and efficiency are extremely important. Due to the phasing out of harmful refrigerants, European legislation also forces us to look for alternative solutions. Vink Koeltechniek is familiar with these quality requirements and legislation and has therefore been working on sustainable refrigeration solutions for years. Within sustainable industrial refrigeration, we use refrigerants such as CO2, Ammonia (NH3) and Propane (R290). All of these refrigerants are environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical refrigerants.

Service Vink Koeltechniek

Would you like to switch to sustainable industrial refrigeration? Then you have come to the right place at Vink Koeltechniek. We would be happy to visit you and offer appropriate advice for your situation and have gained extensive experience in building sustainable refrigeration systems in recent years. Together with you, we will choose a sustainable industrial refrigeration system that meets your wishes, requirements and environment.

Would you like to save energy using sustainable industrial refrigeration? Then contact us for more information.