World’s largest ship supplier uses Vink’s CO2 refrigeration


Wrist-Kooyman Ship Supply

The international company Wrist Ship Supply is the largest ship chandler in the world, supplying all sorts of ships with a wide range of food and non-food products. Wrist provides all-round services to container and marine ships, offshore platforms and dredging companies. With its headquarters in Denmark, the company counts 35 locations worldwide. From Rotterdam a daily average of 30 vessels are being supplied with goods in the ARA area (the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp)

More storage in Vink's new fridge and freezer combination
There is a bustling atmosphere in the new Rotterdam office of the Wrist Company. The large warehouse is filled with a great variety of different products: From tools to the famous Dutch Douwe Egberts coffee and large LCD screens, you can find about anything here. Just a few months ago the Rotterdam company moved to the former DHL-building in Rotterdam Albrandswaard. Because the company was expanding, extra space was required for the storage of the products, including the chilled and frozen food products and fresh produce. Vink Koeltechniek built a large fridge and freezer of 371 square meters. Using CO2 as refrigerant, it has become an economic and environmentally-friendly refrigeration installation.

Modern service with a personal touch
Jeroen Bronwasser is managing director at the Wrist company, a function that is a natural fit for him, coming from a real shipping family with a grandfather, father and two uncles who were captain at sea. This background, combined with a degree in business, makes him understand the trade at sea like no other. Bronwasser explains more of the vision of Wrist: ‘Providing ships with full care on board, using all modern means, and always with a personal touch. For example, I always invest time and visit new ships to introduce myself personally. The first thing I do after climbing on board via the rope ladder is looking for the captain. If possible, I bring him a newspaper.’

‘We are pleased with the extra service Vink provided’

Bronwasser continues: ‘Our previous location at the Butaanweg was becoming too small, and we had the desire to move, which we did in 2014. In our old warehouse we had a refrigerator from Vink, and that's why we approached him again to provide us with refrigeration in our new building. It was a very busy time for us, because we had to organize both the relocation and the renovation within a short time frame. Therefore, we allowed Vink to work out his own plan, which he did in an excellent way.’

‘Vink understands our business, and knows how to translate that into a solution we really need.’

‘We are quite pleased with the extra service Vink provided. We gave him a key to our new building and while we were busy in the old building, he kept a close watch on all the renovation activities inside the new building. In this way he has really helped us out, making the whole moving process more convenient for us. Vink understands our business and is able to translate that into a solution that we need.’

CO2 cooling is more economical and better for environment

Vink has informed us well about the new F-Gas legislation which comes into force in 2017. That is the reason why we have opted for a CO2 cooling installation so we don’t have to make major adjustments in the years to come. An installation running on CO2 is better for the environment and it is economically more attractive. Electric cooling for example is very costly. On the other hand, CO2 can be dangerous, because you cannot smell it nor see it. That is why the equipment comes with a proper CO2-alarm. This alarm is directly connected to Vink, so they are able to react immediately.’

Additional cooling zone is an ideal solution of Vink
‘It's nice that Vink really thinks along with you. We are for example very pleased with the additional cooling zone Vink made. We have now three cooling zones: for fresh produce, chilled products and frozen products. During the day, the temperature in the first cooling zone is 0 °C, but at night the temperature drops to -15 °C. In this way we can set up everything in the evening for transport the next morning, including the frozen products. This saves us a lot of time!’

More about Wrist
The Dutch office was already founded in 1918 under the name Kooyman. Wrist - Kooyman supplies ships with a total package of products, from fresh produce to frozen foods and non-foods such as tools, oil filters and bedding. Often in huge quantities. For example, the Rotterdam-based company also supplies the largest ship in the world, the Pieter Schelte, with all required goods.

In addition, various services are offered such as: budget management of catering on ships (so that a ship never exceeds the food budget that was agreed on with the shipping company), customs formalities and advice to customers regarding supplying new-built ships, and the cheapest international purchase locations. Wrist also specializes in newly built ships that need to be furnished and provided with essentials. For more info see:

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