Heat recovery unit

The use of residual heat from cooling systems is of great importance for sustainable operations in today's energy transition. With a heat recovery unit, the heat extracted from cooling systems can be put to good use.

What is a heat recovery unit?

Heat recovery is the transmission of heat and cold. Heat recovery ensures that the heat is not lost. For this a heat recovery unit is needed. A heat recovery unit is a system that ensures that your space loses as little heat as possible during cooling by reusing it. A heat recovery unit is in fact a cooling system with heat recovery.

WTW unit with cooling

In an industrial chilling or freezing process, heat is released which can be reused for other purposes. Every company that does industrial cooling and freezing has enough residual heat to heat a block of houses. If nothing is done with it, all this heat is lost. By extracting the released heat, you make it available for other processes. Think of the heating of an office building, swimming pool or boiler. With a heat recovery unit you make double use of the energy that you already have to spend on your cooling. This heat would otherwise be lost, but with a heat recovery unit you can significantly reduce your energy consumption.

Reusing energy

A heat recovery unit is basically a reversed cold store: heat is extracted from the cold store which makes the room cold. This heat has to be released somewhere. For example, think of the tubes behind the fridge in your kitchen. On a larger scale, heat recovery allows a lot of energy to be reused. For Wim Jansen XL, for example, we installed a WTW unit (large cold store with heat recovery), which, thanks to the residual heat from the cold store, can now heat the entire 1400 square metre building! With heat recovery units, energy can be reused on the one hand, and on the other, a lot of costs can be saved. In addition, heat recovery reduces CO2 emissions, because less energy is used, which contributes to the sustainability of the sector.

Possibilities in your situation

When we design a cooling solution or heat recovery unit, we always look at the possibilities regarding heat recovery. We explore your situation and calculate how much heat your installation can recover. This way, you will know how much you can save with heat recovery in advance. Would you also like to save energy with a heat recovery unit? We like to look at the possibilities in your situation. Please contact us for an appointment!