Interfish IJmuiden

Interfish IJmuiden is an international wholesale business in fresh and frozen fish, especially North Sea Fish as well as tuna and scallops. Weekly 40 to 50 ton of fish is produced and packed for supermarkets and wholesalers in Western-Europe. Quality, hygiene and sustainablity are the company's core issues.

Green company

Being a 'green' company, Interfish was searching for sustainable cooling to preserve and transport fresh fish. Director Henk van der Deijl explains why: 'We are a family business and understand the importance of long-term. That is why we already had invested in sustainability by using solar energy, led-lights and a wasteheat heating system.

Efficient cooling installation for fish

When our industrial ice machines needed maintenance, we were looking for a good refrigeration company and found Vink Koeltechniek. Because we wanted to cool in a more sustainable way and because freon is no longer acceptable, we asked Vink for a good solution. He adviced us an ammonia refrigeration system.

Ammonia Flake Ice Machine

Vink has installed a Geneglace flake ice machine that is operating with the refrigerant ammonia NH3 (R717). It is producing 10 ton ice per 24 hours and is placed on our roof right above our ice bunker. We are very content! It has also an extra safety sytem with an ammonia detection alarm.

Growing need for sustainability

Sustainability is key in both developing our product range and our production. We are MSC-certified and our plant is energized by 700 solar panels to reduce our CO2-footprint. International companies have a growing demand for sustainable producers. That is a good development of course. That is why we are proud that our company has been nominated for the Sustainability Award in our region IJmond.

Vink is active and energetic

Vink is an active and energetic enterprise, they offer high quality customers service and that is very important to me. If you call them, they will not send you from pillar to post, but will help you right away. Service, quality and good value for money, that is Vink!

Tax deduction

Because Interfish was choosing a sustainable ammonia refrigeration system, the company was allowed to use the 'Energy Invest Reduction (EIA' which enabled them to have a tax deduction. Besides that, they had less energy expenses and they didn't have to worry about the European legislation on harmful F-gasen.

Specialist in Flake ice machines for fish Cooling or deep-freezing fresh fish

Vink Refrigeration has chillers, ice machines, cold rooms, ultra freezers and all other cooling products you may need for your fish-processing company. Many years of experience in cooling and freezing fresh fish makes Vink a valuable sparring partner who is able to advise you on refrigeration techniques that fit your product.