Kivits BV

Kivits BV is a wholesale business for poulterers, butchers and catering companies. After a fire a new factory had to be built; Vink was involved from the start to make the building more economic.

‘Our factory is in fact one large refrigerated warehouse'

Co-owner Cees Meiderwijk explains: ‘We needed a new building of 1800 square meters and Vink was involved in realizing this. Our new factory is in fact one large refrigerated warehouse. The inside is built out of sandwich cooling elements. It is easier to keep clean and therefore more hygienic.'

Right cooling techniques

We have a total of 1500 square meters of cooling space consisting of cool storage rooms and freezers.'When preparing food we are bound by strict rules concerning hygiene and the fast cooling of the food. By using the right cooling techniques we are striving to reach the highest possible quality and taste in our fresh products.'

Fast cooling in blast chiller

In one of our fridges we are cooling down fresh food from 160 ⁰C to 24 ⁰C in only 45 minutes. A blast chiller with a seven-layered cooling belt is involved in this process. Even though it's only -15 ⁰C in the room, it feels like -45 ⁰C because of the cold air blowing over the products. After the cooling process, we keep the products in the cold storage room. After a process of 4 hours, the food has reached a temperature under 7 ⁰C.

Heating for free

‘A great quality of Vink is that they are always looking for smart solutions. A great example is the heating in our building: you won't see any heating system in the building, because it's all in the floors. We involved Vink in our building plans and were able to put a great system in the building. We re-use the heath that is created by the cooling process as a means of heating our entire building and a boiler.'

Less expenses with automatic doors

‘If I need anything, Vink is the one to call. One time a door of a cold room wouldn't shut properly. Vink suggested that we got automatic doors. Those have many benefits; you can set a time for it to open or close and determine if you want it open halfway or all the way. This does make a difference in your expenses as it is a lot more efficient.'

Flexible and competent

The nice thing about Vink Koeltecnniek is that they play an active role from the beginning and are taking part in the building activities themselves. If a wall needs to be moved 1,5 meters rightwards, it is not a big deal for them. They are able to adjust the plans right away because they are on the building site with you. Vink is flexible and competent. Another great thing is their fast delivery: my order is here before I know it!

In need of customized cooling solutions?

Vink is specialized in cooling equipment and refrigerating systems for over 40 years. Together with the customer Vink will investigate all options in order to find the best solution for cooling and freezing. Please, feel free to contact Vink Koeltechniek for more information.