Wim Jansen XL

'Vink helped us to install a heat recovery system. Now we can heat our entire building of 1400 square meters because of our cold room. That is really great!'

Fresh flowers

Wholesale company Wim Jansen XL is a well-known flower business in the Gouda-area. The company's building is filled with gorgeous flowers, extraordinary plants and fancy decoration products. The large walk-in fridge of 100 square meters is used to display the daily supply of fresh flowers.

Cold storage room with large windows

Owner Wim Jansen explains: ‘Our flowers are delivered fresh each day from the auction in Aalsmeer and are put right away in our cold room. Vink has built a large cold storage room of 100 square meters with large windows, so that our customers are able to see the flowers while standing outside of the room.'

Cost reduction by re-using waste heat

Although a refrigeration installation costs quite a lot of energy, Vink has made it possible for us to reduce these costs. The great thing is that we are absorbing all waste heat that is produced in the cooling process and we use this to for our floor heating. Basically, we are able to heat our entire building of 1400 square meters because of our cold room. That is really great!

Quality for reasonable price

‘Others told us Vink Koeltechniek is a company in the refrigeration branch that delivers good quality for a reasonable price. There was a good connection from the moment we first met.

Fast deliveries and customer service

What I like about Vink is their fast deliveries, their customer service and the fact that they keep their word. When there is something wrong, Vink fixes it in no time. Our cold storage room is a key element in our company because we deliver high-quality flowers for a good price and we are known for our fresh products. Vink helps us to keep it that way.'

Customized cold storage room with heat recovery system

Would you like to know more about customized cold rooms or about re-using waste heat?
Vink Koeltechniek is happy to explain the possibilities.