Flake and scale ice for many applications

We provide industrial ice generators from Geneglace. This high-end brand from France is the world’s leader when it comes to ice makers. We’ll help you choose the ice maker that best fits your requirements. We’ll design a custom tailored solution, install it and service it when necessary. This is how we’ve been taking care of our customers for over 40 years.

Scale ice

Scale ice has a temperature from around -10°C to -5°C. It is a very dry ice, 99% of it is frozen when it comes out of the generator. Because scale ice is nearly 100% ice, it has a higher cooling capacity than flake ice. Pieces of scale ice look similar to shards of glass. They’re white and have a thickness of around 2 mm. It’s most commonly used for industrial applications with daily yields of 500kg to 50 tonnes.

Flake ice

Flake ice is also called ‘wet ice’ and has a temperature around -1 ° C and 0 ° C . It’s 70 to 80% frozen, which makes it easily moldable. Flake ice is cheaper than scale ice. It’s used to cool fresh fish, produce food, storing food and for butchery processes. Flake ice is also used in medicine.

Ice bunkers

When generated, ice can be temporarily stored in ice bunkers. We’re able to provide you all possible kinds of ice storage: from insulated containers to advanced silo’s with automated dispensers. We can tell you about your options and how they might fit with your production process.

Applications for small and medium-sized businesses

We offer appropriately sized ice bunkers for small and medium-sized businesses. The ice bunkers made by Geneglace have a capacity ranging from 140 to 1400 kg. Ice is scooped out of the bunkers by hand. These ice bunkers are perfectly suited for food service and hotel industries, wellness resorts and fish markets.

Industrial production

We have solutions for large scale applications as well. For industrial processes we offer silos with capacities ranging from 2.000 kg to 60 tonnes and automated dispensers. All it takes is a starting command to start dispensing the ice at the right doses automatically. The insides of the silos are made of stainless steel, making them extremely durable.

Ice for transportation

Scale and flake ice are perfect for cooling during storage, transport and presentation. Because ice gradually melts and constantly transfers heat from the product, the product stays fresh and does not dry out.

Ice generator maintenance

If your ice generator stops working, it throws a wrench in your production process. That’s why a professional grade ice generator has to be dependable. We take preventative measures by servicing ice generators before problems come to the surface.

Natural refrigerants for ice generators

Our ice generators use the chemical refrigerant R449. Many models can also be configured to make use of natural refrigerants like Ammonia (Nh3 / R717) or CO2 (R744). These refrigerants are sustainable and future-proof. That’s how you know your ice generator will operate for years to come.

The best ice generators

GEA Geneglace has produced ice generators for more than 40 years and have established themselves as the best in the business. Vink Koeltechniek is a distributor of commercial and industrial ice generators of this world leading brand. This also means we can supply parts for ice generators and perform all services and repairs you might require.

High quality ice generators

Do you need a new ice generator? Or do you have problems with your current setup? Give us a call for technical advice or reparation services.