Comprehensive approach

We offer a comprehensive approach for expansions and modifications of industrial properties. We’re able to take the lead on projects like this and oversee the entire process. This saves you time and money.

Efficient installation

We’re experienced with delivering turn key solutions. This comprehensive approach lets us minimize a project’s construction costs. You can save on operational costs because various technical installations integrate with each other seamlessly. An example of this is the use of eco friendly and safe refrigerants that save you on your energy bill.

Optimal results

We focus on energy savings and innovative technologies. This creates a balance in the design of the installation. By trusting us with the entirety of your project you save yourself a lot of hassle. On top of that we can make sure all the different parts of the project work together perfectly. This is how we obtain the most optimal result for minimal costs.

Vink takes care of it

We’ve collaborated with contractors, engineers and other specialists for many years. Our experience and network allow us to take over complete projects from start to finish. Do you have a preference for a certain supplier? We don’t have a problem working with trusted parties from your own networks.

Trustworthy partner for construction projects

Contractors, kitchen constructors and engineers whose projects require refrigeration technology will find us to be a great partner. Whether you need a cooler, freezer or air conditioning, we’ll find the right solution together. We are flexible and can implement a solution quickly. That’s how we are a great partner in many different situations.

Our process

Whether you’re dealing with construction or a remodeling of your current properties, you can talk to us. We’ll take the responsibility of your project by overseeing engineers and contractors. We make sure everything happens on schedule and to the greatest level of

Reliable partner in construction projects

Let’s talk about your construction or remodeling plans and how we can best apply refrigeration technology.