Solar power

Refrigeration and solar power are a match made in heaven. When it is warm and sunny outside, your coolers and freezers need more power. Solar power is a great way to get more out of your refrigeration.

Cutting costs

We can get solar panels installed to help make your coolers and freezers more energy efficient. If you’re already using solar power, we can integrate this with the refrigeration system we design and install for you.

Off-grid cooling and freezing with mobile units

We supply mobile refrigeration units that operate independently on solar power. This dependable system can both chill and freeze. The units have a 24/7 uptime and do not rely on an electrical grid. Perfect for remote locations or disaster areas.

A smart solution

Our mobile refrigeration units are highly insulated and designed to European specifications. The solar panels are connect to a system that stores extra energy during the day, allowing the unit to keep running at night. This solution is eco-friendly, has no operating costs and requires little maintenance.

Technical specifications

The units are available in two sizes: a 40 feet or 20 feet container. Both models have solar panels on the roof. There are configurations for chilling (0,5 - 5 ˚C) and freezing (-24 - -18 ˚C). Thanks to a thermic energy storage system, products inside the units stay chilled or frozen 24/7.

Food waste

Food waste is a big challenge for the world. This is especially true in developing countries. In these countries a large part of the harvest spoils because of high temperatures, bad infrastructure and a lack of refrigeration. In areas without a reliable electric grid, solar powered cooling units can make the difference.


Important vaccines and medicines can be safely stored in one of our mobile refrigeration units. This can be extremely important in disaster areas or other locations without an available electric grid.

Fish and meat

Refrigeration is a big part of food safety, especially when storing fish and meat. Professional refrigeration is essential for preventing a loss of quality and growth of bacteria. Our mobile refrigeration units can store fish and meat at a constant temperature. Frozen products can stay frozen 24/7 in our units.

Want to refrigerate using solar power?

We have experience designing solar powered solutions for customers across the globe. Feel free to make an appointment, and we’ll tell you what solar power can do for you.