Waste heat recovery

When you’re cooling down a space, you’re generating heat. This heat does not have to go to waste, it can be used for other purposes. For example, it can be used to heat an office building, swimming pool or a boiler. This is called waste heat recovery. Using these technologies, you are making double use of the energy you put into your refrigeration.

Using a heat pump instead of a boiler

A heat pump takes heat from an environment and converts it into heat you can use. You can warm up your house with it for example. Heat pumps are used more and more as a sustainable alternative to the traditional boiler. We often install energy efficient heat pumps that make use of sustainable refrigerants.

Reusing energy

A heat pump system is practically a reverse cooler: heat is taken from the space inside the cooler, making it colder. This heat has to be released elsewhere. You can see this in your own home, in the tubes at the back of your refrigerator. When this concept is scaled up to industrial processes, making use of heat waste can save a lot of energy.

Cutting costs

Be reusing heat or installing a heat pump, a building can be heated in a sustainable way. This means you’re spending less energy - and money - on heating up a space in the conventional way. Your refrigeration is killing two birds with one stone.

Savings for everyone

Whenever we engineer a cooling solution, we always evaluate the potential savings of waste heat recovery. We analyze your situation and calculate how much heat we can get out of your refrigeration setup. This way we can give you an estimate of your energy savings before we start the project.

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