Engineering & Advice

Refrigeration engineering

Vink Koeltechniek has great technical knowledge and ample experience in applying refrigeration technology. Vink's engineers think along with the customer in finding cost-effective solutions by using eco-friendly and innovative refrigerating systesms. Because of their sustainable approach, Vink Koeltechniek is able to save energy which results in optimal cooling solutions.

Research in own factory

Vink does not opt for standard solutions. Instead, they are flexible and innovative in finding the best cooling solution. Thanks to product knowledge and ample research opportunities in their own factory, Vink Koeltechniek is able to test products and make adjustments where needed. In this way, they are able to offer the most reliable and efficient refrigeration solution that meet the desires and the needs of the customer.


In the development process critical questions are asked, such as: Can we use a different cooling technique than the common one? How can we make the cooling installation as energy efficient as possible? Can we apply heat recovery? Can we use natural refrigerants that are less harmful to the environment? Considering the many factors that play a role such as energy consumption, price, eco-friendliness and reliability, we will find the best solution for the customer.

All-round refrigeration company

Vink is an all-round cooling installation company and experienced in providing total solutions. By looking at the bigger picture the costs will be minimized. Because the various technical installations are connected and put together as efficient as possible, you will save on operational costs. For example by using eco-friendly and natural refrigerant you will save energy. Please contact us without engagement to check the possibilities.

Allround Refrigeration Company Vink Koeltechniek engineering

Looking for an all-round cooling installation company that delivers innovative cooling solutions to minimize your costs? Contact us for the possibilities.