CNC Grondstoffen BV

CNC is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of substrates for mushroom growing. The company is constantly searching for ways to grow in sustainability and energy efficiency. Cooperation with Vink led to a unique cooling solution for mushroom substrates.

Refrigeration technology for transport

The site-manager of CNC Milsbeek is Mirjam Klein Rot. She explains how the cooperation with Vink has led to a unique cooling solution for mushroom compost: 'The Netherlands is leading in the mushroom substrates industry. We are transporting our product to all corners of Europe but we needed the right refrigeration technology to slow down the heating process inside the compost that makes the mycelium grow.'

Cooling with flake ice

Together with Vink we came to an innovative solution to cool down our product in a way that has not been done before. We came up with the idea to add ice. This is how we have set up our current production line where flake ice is added to packages of 20 kg. We are working with Vink Koeltechniek because there aren't that many suppliers of ice makers and we know that they are specialists in refrigerating.

Geneglace ice installation with ammoniac

‘CNC is committed to innovation and sustainability. With those two things in mind, we have purchased an installation to limit the emission of ammoniac and scents. We have two scale ice machines from Geneglace installed by Vink. This produces -8 ⁰C ice of great quality. It is easy to dose and consists of thin ice flakes which are mixed with the compost.'

Low maintenance costs

After that it gets wrapped and transported. We don't add more than 1,5% of ice to make sure the product doesn't get too wet. Of all the machines we use, the Geneglace ice machines have the lowest maintenance costs. That is of course important to us because we want to work eco-friendly and cost effective.

Pleasant cooperation with Vink

‘We enjoy our cooperation with Vink because they are straightforward, honest and follow up on made agreements. It's a good company to work with as they also invest in sustainability, innovation and efficiency.'

Want to know more about industrial ice machines?

Vink is specialist in cooling with ice, flake ice makers and scale ice machines. Please contact us for more information.