Service and maintenance

Service en onderhoud aan uw koelinstallatie is essentieel voor een goede bedrijfszekerheid.

Reliable and fast


Vink Koeltechniek is a customer oriented company who likes to serve her customers as much as possible in the field of cooling technology and ice making. From the first designing stage when Vink works closely together with the customer to find the most sustainable and cost-effective solution in refrigeration, until after installing the refrigeration Vink is happy to assist with maintenance and advice whenever needed.

Maintenance contract

Your refrigeration or freezer must be reliable, functioning optimally, day and night. Proper maintenance lengthens the life span of your cold room or cooling system. Even with the most dependable equipment, there are times when you require support from technical service engineers.Therefore Vink offers a maintenance contract to her customers. This covers preventive and corrective maintenance on the cooling installation. Vink is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is flexible and can respond very quickly in urgent cases. All technicians have extensive product knowledge and have all required documents to fulfill this task. The vans are equipped with a wide range of refrigeration equipment and tools.

Phasing out of refrigerant R22

Quite a number of old refrigeration systems are still using the refrigerant R22 (Freon22®). This HCFs is depleting the ozone layer and is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. That is why the European Commission decided to phase out and ban the use of R22. As from 1 January 2010 it has no longer been permitted for existing cooling, freezing and air conditioning installations filled with R22 to be topped up with new R22 refrigerants (HCFCs). As from 2015, you will not be able to use any R22 service refrigerants or service refrigerants mixed with R22. Each company should plan a strategy on how to phase out the use of R22, whether it is the conversion of an existing refrigeration installation, or getting a new installation. 

Are you owning a R22 based refrigeration installation or air conditioning system? Then it is necessary to take action as soon as possible because the reclaimed refrigerant R22 is becoming increasingly scarce and this may result in the failure of your system. Vink has already helped many customers to find good alternatives for their R22 installations and will gladly advise you in finding the most profitable solution for your business.

European regulations

Every owner of a refrigeration installation must comply with the European and Dutch regulations regarding environmental protection, safety and hygiene. As owner, you are dealing mostly with the F-Gas Regulation and the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive). The F-Gas Regulation indicates that maintenance and repairs are to be carried out by professional companies and technicians who are F-gases and STEK certified. These companies are identified by the STEK logo ( All technicians of Vink Koeltechniek have the required certificates and are fully aware of the official regulations concerning quaility, sustainability and safety.

• European F-Gas Regulation (formerly STEK): requirements with respect to the risk of leaking of the cooling installation.
• SGS PED (Pressure Equipment Directive: requirements that ensure the safety of the pressure equipment (CE marking)
• EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive): requirements with respect to energy saving.
• HACCP and CBL inspections

More information?

Do you have questions about the inspection and maintenance of your cooling system or do you seek free advice? Please call +31-182-342 239 for more information. You can also fill out the contact form and you will be called back as soon as possible.


The solution

Maintenance contract

Vink Koeltechniek is available for her customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are flexible and in urgent cases we will respond quickly to solve the problem. All technicians have ample knowledge of refrigeration installations. They can work adequately as they have an extensive range of standard materials and parts with him in our company cars.

Ordering spare parts

Vink provides spare parts for the following brands: Viessmann, Gene Glace, Buus, Scotsman, Staff, Ziegra and Manitowoc. In order to supply you with spare parts it is important for us to know the brand, model and serial number. Please send your request by e-mail to or by filling in the contact form. Of course you can also reach us by phone: +31-182-342 239.


Is your refrigerator or freezer unit not working properly? The technicians of Vink are experienced and fast in solving any malfunction in your refrigeration or freezer. Please inform us about your problem via the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment with one of the mechanics. You can also call: +31-182-342 239 or send an e-mail to