Maintenance refrigeration

A maintenance contract with Vink means operational reliability: Vink is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is flexible, able and fast.

Refrigeration service technician

Service and maintenance of your cooling installation is key to operational reliability. Vink offers a maintenance contract to her customers with regular preventive and corrective maintenance of the refrigeration installation.

24/7 service contract

Vink is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and responds quickly in urgent cases. Vink's technicians are skilled and their vans are equipped with a wide range of refrigeration equipment and tools.

Spare parts refrigeration

Vink supplies refrigeration spare parts quickly, is flexible and customer focused. Vink provides spare parts for refrigeration of the following brands: Viessmann, Gene Glace, Buus, Scotsman, Staff, Ziegra and Manitowoc.

Protection, safety and hygiene

Owners of a refrigeration installation must comply with the European and Dutch regulations regarding environmental protection, safety and hygiene. As owner, you are dealing mostly with the F-Gas Regulation and the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

European regulations (STEK)

• European F-Gas Regulation (formerly STEK): requirements with respect to the risk of leaking of the cooling installation.
• SGS PED (Pressure Equipment Directive: requirements that ensure the safety of the pressure equipment (CE marking)
• EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive): requirements with respect to energy saving.
• HACCP and CBL inspections

F-Gas Regulation

The F-Gas Regulation indicates that maintenance and repairs are to be carried out by professional companies and technicians who are F-gases and STEK certified. These companies are identified by the STEK logo ( The engineers of Vink Koeltechniek are experienced, have extensive product knowledge and all required documents.

Certified engineers

All technicians of Vink Koeltechniek have the required certificates and are fully aware of the official regulations concerning quaility, sustainability and safety.

How it works

Vink provides maintenance contracts with the guarantee to resolve a malfunction within a maximum time frame. In case of a defect, the cooling system automatically sends an e-mail to Vink, so it may happen that Vink is already on site to solve the problem without the company even noticing that there has been a malfunction.

Active monitoring

Vink's refrigeration installations are equipped with alarm sensors to monitor actively. From a distance Vink's engineers can log in to your cooling system to check what kind of maintenance is needed, so they can react fast in order to make your cooling system operate smoothly.

Advantages cooling service contract technician

  • refrigeration technology service technician available 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Fast and flexible response from skilled engineers
  • Technicians have extensive experience and product knowledge
  • In possession of all required certification
  • Commercial vehicles are equipped with an extensive range of refrigeration components and tools.

Reliable Refrigeration Technician?

Is your refrigerator or freezer defect?
Please contact us via the contact form, send an email to or call us at +31-182-342 239.

spare parts refrigeration

Vink has spare parts of the following brands:
Viessmann, Gene Glace, Buus, Scotsman, Staff, Ziegra and Manitowoc.
In order to supply you with spare parts, please let us know the brand, model and serial number.