Sustainable cooling

Vink Koeltechniek is invested in sustainability. A cooler or freezer is often one of the largest energy consumers within a company. That means efficient refrigeration can really have an impact in the overall footprint of your organization. You save on the energy bill and make your operations more eco-friendly.

Sustainable refrigeration

Sustainability is as the core of every job we take on. We’ll always look for ways to make your refrigeration solution as efficient as possible. The result: optimised coolers and freezers that do exactly what you need them to do, without using more energy than is necessary. We use natural refrigerants whenever possible.

Reducing waste heat

Reducing waste heat is an important step towards more sustainable refrigeration. By making sure the cold air stays inside your cooler or freezer, we make the installation a lot more efficient. We achieve this by implementing automatic doors, insulating curtains and air locks.

The lights inside your cooler or freezer have an impact on your energy use as well. We use exclusively LED lighting. This has two big advantages. LEDs hardly produce any heat. The last thing you want in your cooler is a lamp trying to heat up the space. On top of that, LEDs use less electricity and have a long lifespan.

More sustainable solutions
There are other ways we increase the sustainability of our products. Want to know more? Read our pages about cooling with solar panels and waste heat recovery.

Do you want to refrigerate more efficiently?

We can work with you and find ways to lower the energy usage of your refrigeration. We’d love to talk about your current setup and the needs of your production chain so we can give you custom tailored advice.