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Vink supports corporate social responsibility

Energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions

Sustainability, energy efficiency and innovation are greatly valued by Vink Refrigeration. When designing a cooling system, Vink is always searching for innovative technical solutions that will reduce energy consumption and thus keep energy costs as low as possible.

Corporate social responsibility

Vink stands for eco-friendly and energy saving solutions that are benefiting the sustainability of our planet. Of course Vink is also thinking green when it comes to their own business. Not only heat recovery is used, but the office building is very well insulated thus keeping energy consumption low with LTV heating in the floor, solar panels on the roof and automatic lighting in every room.
By choosing for efficient cooling systems and using high-quality insulation material for cold rooms, less power is consumed. A system is also more durable by using top quality materials that are easy to maintain. In addition, energy costs can be cut down by using heat recovery systems and by installing solar panels.

Solar panels

Vink specializes in installing solar panels because Photo Voltaic panels (solar cells) are ideally suited to make refrigeration systems work efficiently. After all, when it is hot and sunny outside, there is more demand for cooling inside. In addition to a heat recovery system, this is a good way to generate extra return from your business premises.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of heat arising from any process that would otherwise be lost. The energy which is thus extracted from the cooling system can be re-used for other purposes, such as heating an office building, pool or water heater. Thus, the cooling system is used as efficiently as possible resulting in a lower energy bill. Find out how a heat recovery system can reduce your organisaton's energy consumption. Contact Vink for more information.

Natural refrigerants 

The use of natural refrigerants is a great benefit for environmental conservation. However, many older refrigeration systems are still using the refrigerant R22 (Freon22®). This HCFs is depleting the ozone layer and is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. That is why the European Commission decided to phase out and ban the use of R22. As from 1 January 2010 it has no longer been permitted for existing cooling, freezing and air conditioning installations filled with R22 to be topped up with new R22 refrigerants (HCFCs). As from 2015, you will not be able to use any R22 service refrigerants or service refrigerants mixed with R22. Each company should have a strategy how to phase out the use of R22, whether it is the conversion of an existing refrigeration installation, or a new installation. Vink has already helped many customers to find alternatives for their R22 installations and will gladly advise you in finding the most profitable solution for your business.

Save on energy

A refrigeration or freezer is often a major energy consumer within a company. But with some easy steps it is easy to become more eco-friendly. First of all it is important to determine how the refrigerating system can be used more efficiently, so you will cut down on the costs thus saving energy. At your request, Vink will visit your company to check your cooling system and give free advice on how you can reduce your energy costs. Already a lot can be achieved by reducing the loss of cold air, for example by using automatic doors, draft curtains and air locks. Also, the lighting that is used inside the cold room or freezer is important: LED lighting emits less heat than fluorescent lighting. In addition, LED lighting consumes less power and its life span is about 10 times longer than fluorescent lighting. In addition, there are other methods for preservation of cooling, such as the use of evaporative condensers and absorption cooling with residual heat.

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