Constructing and renovating

Wand met twee schuifdeuren naar de koelcel en invriescel, vanuit de gezamenlijke gekoelde expeditieruimte.

Reliable partner in construction projects

Reliable partner 

Vink Koeltechniek is a reliable partner for contractors, kitchen companies and electrical engineers who need refrigeration technology as part of a bigger project. Whether it is a cold room, server cooling, air conditioning or a canteen kitchen, Vink will be happy to assist. Our engineers will search for the most efficient refrigeration solution.

Innovative and cost effective

Vink Koeltechniek can be hired for construction projects and turnkey project where technical solutions for cooling and heating are needed. Innovative solutions can be found by thinking along from the beginning of the new project. In this way building costs and operational costs can be reduced. Vink is flexible, works fast and follows up on made agreements: this makes Vink a reliable partner in the delivery of a construction project.

Pleasant cooperation

Vink is a flexible and pleasant company that is reliable and always aims for the best results. Vink will always look for the most suitable refrigeration solution, that is both sustainable and energy saving. Heat recovery systems and other innovative solutions lead to satisfied end- users. Mutual trust and good cooperation is of great importance for Vink. For that reason, Vink is committed to clear communication, flexibility and following up on agreements. The installers are flexible, available until at the last moment and striving for the highest quality.

Efficient Turnkey solutions

Vink is experienced in providing turnkey solutions. Due to this overall approach, the cost for the (new) construction will be minimized. You will save on operating costs because the various technical installations will connect perfectly together. This will help you to produce as efficiently as possible. For example by using a heat recovery system and environmentally safe refrigerants that will ensure energy savings. Vink works closely together with various specialists and installers in order to reach the best result. They willl use innovative solutions when possible. In the case of using environmentally friendly solutions for refrigeration and heat recovery, it can also be considered whether the project is eligible for funding.

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